The L-TSV Network is an open network for experts that are willing to support the network objectives. In order to formalise your support of L-TSV, the L-TSV Network has created a voluntary status of “L-TSV Member”.  L-TSV Members are listed on the website and will be identified through the work of the Network as supporters of the concept of L-TSV and of the development of an international L-TSV valuation approach. 


With distribution of the following form you commit to support the objectives of the network. These are:


  • Support of a Long-Term Sustainable Value as a basis for valuation for lending purposes,
  • Discussion of an International methodology to determine L-TSV on national and international level,
  • Support of training/ education in the area of L-TSV – valuation.


If you are interested in registering to become a L-TSV Member, please complete the following form: